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Black Lady Anne Petticoat

Frock Shoppe Costumes

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Our full petticoats are made from 100% cotton with a polyester lace ruffle along the lower edge.

This is a versatile skirt that can be worn as a traditional petticoat under another skirt, but theyre cute enough to be worn on their own as well.

The Lady Anne Petticoat is full enough to be worn over a hoopskirt and will help hide the lines of your hoopskirt from showing through your outer skirt. 


Our blouses and skirts are made "one size" and are meant to be cinched in with the "centerpiece" (corset, bodice, belt, etc.). For help with wearing the product, please check out our blog posts for tutorials, or send us a message via email or on facebook for more personalized help.

All our garments are handmade in Texas. Check out our About page to learn more.

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